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Weston-super-Mare Home Alarm

Our customer had 2 Chihuahuas and wanted PIR sensors along with door contacts installed.
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Jason and Sarah have 2 Chihuahuas and still wanted their home to be alarmed and secure despite having the dogs. Requiring PIR pet sensors that would permit the installation of the numerous monitoring devices but still giving the pet dogs the freedom to run and roam around the home without triggering the alarm panel.


Fire and Security Case Studies


Using the Pyronix Hybrid range we were able to install a system that enabled us to cable the majority of the detection, but then fit wireless devices in those hard to reach areas of the site. In turn this saw a massive reduction in labour costs, but also provided the client with maximum coverage.


Installing Pet friendly PIR’s gave the customer peace of mind that the home was still secure and having the ability to monitor and secure yet permit the pet dogs to roam freely without triggering the alarm system. A mobile alert system also set-up to their choice of smart phone that would alert them when the home was occupied by family.


Full maintenance schedules are now in place, whereby we carry out periodic testing on all of the systems. In addition, we are able to offer the client reduced call-out rates and a 24hr support system

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