Discussing and reviewing the first of three of the most popular wireless alarms in the security industry. With this blog in particular being 1 of a 3 part series explaining in depth the various capabilities and options the systems have to offer.

First up it’s our personal favourite the pyronix enforcer. This system has been on the market for some time now, which has given this product the opportunity to be developed and fine tuned to perfection.

The enforcer panel itself known as the enforcer 32WE comes fresh out the box with 32 wireless zone inputs and 2x hardwired inputs. This means that you can have up to 34 devices on this system without the need for expansion units. If that’s not enough then the system does have the option to be expanded to a total of 64 zones in various combinations of hardwired and wireless devices.

The system is a Grade 2 system, environmental class II. Meeting all British and European standards which for ourselves being an NSI approved alarm company is a must.

Pyronix Enforcer Panel
Image showing The Pyronix Enforcer Kit 2

Devices in the range

The enforcer has a wide variety of detection devices suitable for any application from residential to commercial. Below is a list of the most popular devices in the range.

Internal alarm devices

• KX12DQ-WE wirelss 12 m put
• MC1MINI-WE wireless door contact
• MC1/SHOCK-WE wirelss shock detector


External alarm devices

XDL12TT-WE 12 metre externally rated animal friendly pir

check out the full camera specifications on the link below.


Wireless Cameras

• Internal WI-FI PT dome camera.
• indoor WI-FI cube camera
• outdoor WI-FI mini dome camera

check out the full camera specifications on the link below.


Home control APP modules for smart alarm systems and remote access.

With a variety of monitoring units we have picked out the best unit for home applications. The unit enables the user to connect the alarm to mobile devices via a local router utilising its WiFi network. Because of this it means that there is no need to run any cables around the property.

With various options like remote arm and disarm as well as voice notifications upon alarm activation. The System can also be linked into home lighting and control systems to offer a fully automated service.

see below for full unit features.



WiFi Network communication module for the IP connected control panels

Uses existing broadband

Communicates via the Pyronix Cloud, so no complicated port forwarding setup is required

Low cost installation with no additional costs other than the existing broadband connection

Send push notifications directly to the user’s smartphone via the Home Control+ App

Easy setup by DHCP or manual IP configuration

Fully secure IP connection

Compatible with In-Site programming software

For more information on this unit and others within the range visit the pyronix website at https://www.pyronix.com/uk/

Overall product review

As a whole the intruder alarm offers plenty of bang for your buck. With lots of versatility and the opportunity to expand the system with ease it’s a great domestic system and also great for small commercial sites.

At Omega Fire and Security Ltd we pride ourselves on using market leading technology offering the end user high end cost effective security solutions.

We have two offices in the South West of England operating out of Bristol and Weston-super-mare. For more details on the full range of fire and security services we offer in the South West please visit our website at:


listed below are some of the services we provide.

• free same day no obligation quotes
• fire alarm installations
• intruder alarm installations
• wireless alarms
• alarm repairs
• access control
• Automatic gates and barriers
• police response
• NSI insurance approved contractor

See you next time where we will be reviewing one of the pyronix enforcers closest competitors, the Texecom premier elite. This panel is steeped in history and is a true hybrid system with lots of programming and oart set abilities as well as its own mesh technology which operates differently to most other panels, but will be something we talk about in more detail at a later date.



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